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Author Topic: [Rules] Kavya Kosh forum rules  (Read 2563 times)

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[Rules] Kavya Kosh forum rules
« on: January 14, 2011, 09:47:37 PM »
Welcome to the Kavya Kosh Forum.  :)

With every great community, there are the rules and laws that ensure people coexist peacefully. These forums are no different. There are boundaries to what is and what is not allowed. These rules are in place to ensure the Kavya Kosh Forum continue to be a friendly place where members can read and share Kavita on a variety of topics and types.

The rules to the Kavya Kosh Forum are as follows

    * Post at the right place: Users are requested to post in the right category within the forums. While there is no serious offence for the same, continuous behavior will result in a warning. Please keep the forum as organized as possible.

    * You can post any Kavita of yours with your name below. Also, you can post any Kavita from any author you have liked so far,in this case you are requested to post name of original author. In case you don't know name of author kindly post "Author Unknown".

    * Kindly Post your comments, it helps authors to improve and write more.

    * We take no responsibility of links provided in the forums which takes your to other site than www.kavyakosh.com. However, we will be moderating these links and edit/delete if we find out to be potentially dangerous. A person posting a link to a potentially dangerous website will be issued warning and in the worst case will be banned

    * Respect Others :
              No aggressive behavior or flaming in the forums.
              No foul language (and none at all on in titles).
              Please report any such offensive post to the Moderators.
              Do NOT start any post/thread discussing any religion.

    * NO SPAMMING: Do not post links to warez sites, pornographic sites etc. Any member found spamming on the forum will be banned from the forum without any warning.

To know how to post in Hindi:


To know how to post on the forum:


How to upload images, doc, pdf on the forum, check this :
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